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Ervaxx is pioneering the use of Dark Antigens™ to deliver targeted off-the-shelf cancer vaccines and other immunotherapies for treating and preventing cancer.

Our Dark Antigens™ derive from vast untapped expanses of genetic ‘dark matter’ beyond the normal coding regions of the genome, which are generally silenced in normal tissue but are selectively activated in cancer.

We have built a proprietary and differentiated technology platform to explore our new and expanding Dark Antigen™ repertoire, and to identify and assess its tumor-specificity and immunogenic potential to combat cancer.

Our initial focus is the discovery and development of off-the-shelf, cancer-specific vaccines based on antigens derived from endogenous retroviral (ERV) DNA sequences – where insightful research by our founders has shed increasing light on their selective up-regulation in cancer. Additionally, we are characterizing T-cell receptors (TCRs) with a set of novel properties to enable the next wave of TCR-based biologic and cell therapies.

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Adrian Hill, MB BCh DPhil University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. Find out more George Kassiotis, PhD Co-founder. Francis Crick Institute, London, UK Find out more Drew Pardoll, MD PhD Co-founder. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. Find out more Andrew Sewell, PhD Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK. Find out more Nicola Ternette, PhD University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. Find out more Eliezer Van Allen, MD PhD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA. Find out more